Direct cable connection to 60 pin EEC-V
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Autor:  niziak [ 13 srp 2019, 10:36 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  Direct cable connection to 60 pin EEC-V

My car is Focus MK1 1999 1.8 16V, Petrol. It was working perfectly for years with my ForDiag interface V2.

I'm trying to solve problem with no communication between Instrument Cluster and EEC-V.
I suspect dead EEC-V. Car was staying long time in garage. Battery was discharged.
After fixing battery car didn't start - dashes on Instrument Cluster. Immobilizer led stop blinking (so key was recognized).
After some time (i.e. 60 seconds). Dashes on IC disappears, main power relay clicks, fuel pump was enabled and it was possible to start car. Car behave like normal car until next try to start the engine.
Waiting time for "unlock" was random. Now car stuck completely. Only dashes on IC.
I already check all fuses, fixed main chassis ground connectors, visually check all cables and connectors and reflow IC connector.

Now EEC-V is on my desk.
EEC-V is 60 pin hardware LP4-331 (98AB-12A650-CFG Visteon, catch code OPEN).
According to wiring diagram of my car, only SCP bus is wired to diagnostic connector. CAN bus form EEC-V is not on pins (due to 60-pin connector which is compatible with EEC-IV connector).

I'm trying to communicate with EEC-V on desk. My wiring is:
 EEC pin 1  ---------- +12V (KAM)
 EEC pin 57,37 ------- +12V
 EEC pin 60,40,16 ---- GND
 EEC pin 19 ---------- Fordiag pin 2 (SCP+)
 EEC pin 18 ---------- Fordiag pin 10 (SCP-)
       +12V ---------- Fordiag pin 16
       GND  ---------  Fordiag pin 4 / 5 (internally shorted)

+12V KAM consumption is ~1mA
Total +12V consumption is ~220mA (and it looks normal as I remember from my previous metering)

Can somebody form forum confirm If my wiring is OK ?

Autor:  niziak [ 21 srp 2019, 12:20 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  Re: Direct cable connection to 60 pin EEC-V

My EEC is broken. I bought used one and it works with above connections.

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